How To Make Money On Facebook

If you’re wondering how to make money on Facebook, then you should know that this social networking site has a large membership base and is one of the best places to see your brand. Facebook makes it easy to make money, because of its incredible daily traffic and number of members, it has great potential for attracting large traffic to your business. Next to Google, Facebook is one of the most visited sites worldwide today. It’s a great way for companies to find the right customer base for every online business or affiliate website.

Present yourself as an expert:

To earn money with Facebook, you must have an account and think carefully about how you want to present yourself. The most important thing is to present yourself as an expert. Remember that you are directed to a specific market / group niche to get to know each other and work on creating a picture that projects the same.

Examine your niche:

Know where the demand is: Are the demographics of the target group (young people, married people, children, housewives)? It makes no sense to promote a product if only few are interested in it. Know Your Competitors: Some aspects competition that it makes entry into this much difficult (such as, the weight loss industry). Surely there will be competition, but that is not so hard. Once you have determined your niche, you can find affiliate products to promote or set up an online store or blog that focuses on relevant products.

Search by detailed key word:

Proper keyword research helps you target your audience. Keywords are what is written in a search engine (or a search on Facebook) when a query is made. To make money on Facebook successfully, it is crucial to choose the right keywords to find your business or product. Free resources are available to help research, such as the Google Keyword Tool. Other more specialized and paid software, such as Micro Niche Finder, not only find keywords, but also show competition in the niche, as well as the possibility of selling the product. The goal is to find popular keywords that accurately describe your product or blog.


What to do with the chosen keywords:

You must be able to promote your product or blog using the chosen keywords to make money on Facebook successfully. The keywords can be used in the title of your page or Facebook group: this will definitely help people to your page more easily.


Choose your product to promote or sell on Facebook:

You can promote your own products offline or online on Facebook. Or, if you do not have one yet, you can start by promoting affiliate products and earn sales commissions. You can find hundreds if not thousands of affiliate products from websites such as and

Promote the product on Facebook:

Once you have decided on products / services, you can create ads on Facebook to promote the product. To get the most out of Facebook advertising, you need to know how to use Facebook tools / features to reach your target market. Facebook offers demographic and geographic segmentation. You can tailor your ads based on gender, location, age, interests, hobbies or groups that have joined within the Facebook target market community. To get this right from the beginning, it is advisable that you do a market research before developing an advertisement.

Improve the click rate on your Facebook ads:

The click-through rate (CTR) of your Facebook ad is the key to making money with Facebook. To improve your ad’s CTR and conversion rate, you must first create highly targeted ads, as mentioned above. Then, test the different ads for your products. Among other things, use different images, words or text. In addition, consider the best times of the day when your ads will appear by looking at the time zone and age group of your target market. Are they normally active during the night or during the day, during or after office hours? Always check the performance of your ads. Rectify and make the necessary improvements as you progress to get a higher CTR and conversion rate.

Retain and convert customers:

Yes, Facebook is one of the best methods to get specific leads. But to turn your potential leads into customers, you need to do more. When potential customers click on your Facebook ads, direct them to your website or to a sales page. An informative, engaging and attractive website to attract attention or to retain your leads on the page long enough to either buy from you or provide you their contact details.

In this regard, you must understand that people do not usually buy the first time they know you. Online or offline, it is important that you develop a relationship and trust by your potential customers before they buy from you. In order to build this relationship and trust, you need to enter the contact information of potential customers the first time they visit your website / contact page. With these details, you can follow, send newsletters, products or free information, build relationship and trust. This increases the chances of people buying from you. The easiest way to do the above is to have an automatic response system. This system allows you to pre-set e-mails and automatically send them to your list according to the time you specified. In an online business, the money is on your list.

I hope you have at least some ideas on how to make money with Facebook. It is a powerful tool. Do not miss it.